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Originally Posted by nthfinity
the only thing you'd be seeing in a GT500, is a standard Mustang interior, and my rear licence plate.
shows how much you know about mustangs, nearly nothing... and shows you didnt' read the review either

the interiors are vastly different
Haha shows how much I know about Mustangs? The only thing different in the GT500's interior are the seats, the steering wheel, and some SVT gauges. The rest is standard fare.

And no I haven't driven both, but I've read up on both quite a bit, have seen reviews etc. Enough that I feel I can formulate a reasonably educated opinion on the matter.

I know for a fact that the C6 is faster in a straight line, and around a track, I know the C6 has more cargo space, I know the C6 drinks less fuel, I know the C6 doesn't have an irritating blower whine, the C6 doesn't understeer like the front-heavy GT500, and reportedly, the Corvette has a lighter clutch than the GT500, making everyday driving a lot less of a chore.

So yea, based on those facts, and probably others that I haven't bothered to get into, I would gladly take the C6 over the GT500. If I were to get a Ford, I would just get an '04 Cobra instead. It's cheaper, it makes a crapload of power, its lighter, it has IRS, and it's pretty much just as quick as this new GT500.

Don't know anything...Sure.
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