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Apparently Mini isn't enough.

Originally Posted by fordgt84 View Post

Normally id' be sad they'd even think of this...but BMW's identity crisis/badge snobbery and lack of anything exciting in their range just brings me to the conclusion that the M3 CSL was the last good car they made (ok maybe E60 M5 too). Ten years ago it used to be BMW first, Mercedes second and Audi third, now it's Merc first, Audi second...BMW nowhere.
In downright image, it's Audi, Merc, then the BMW. Mercedes still has its own identity problem with fending off the reverse-influenced Lexus-y image. Audi by far is seemingly sporty and prestigious despite lots of VAG parts sharing, which people amazingly don't mind at all. That plus the R8 range and the RS cars. The SLS is nice, but people won't really take notice to it like people do with the R8 until someone opens the door.
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