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Originally Posted by bmuller
Originally Posted by bmagni
Originally Posted by nthfinity
Originally Posted by bmuller
Just now being topped after over 10 years, definitely sub-zero.

Also, what are these claims of your driving being limited by McLaren?
if by "being topped" you mean the 14+ year old Vector W8 going faster, and cornering better... and "cheaper" and more exclusive... well, the F1 was topped long ago.... in fact, it was only a "top price"
was there a run by the Vector where it reached more top speed ??
^^Exactly, show me an officially clocked run and I'll shut up.

*Remember, OFFICIAL
lol, not really, I don't want an official run, I don't care... I just wanted to know if there was a recording of such speed, not like the CCR that took too long to record it, it was always pure estimated speeds...
Anyday i would take the Vector over the F1... the F1 sucks and is overrated...
as nth says, its a great engine in a crappy body...

and no one really cares about top speed, thats just for fanboys, specially mclaren ones
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