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Originally Posted by bmuller
Still, what happened to the vectors? Would insurance companies also not cover mclarens, b/c being that my dad is an insurance agent and insures many high-end exotics(enzo, murcielagos, phantoms, but no mclarens however), I know thats not the issue...
what year did the Mclaren come out?
94? mabey 95?

when it came out, top speed was not its advertising slogan.

in fact, no F1 in "stock" form can go more then 231 mph, but 241 is possible if the rpm limiter is removed.

by the time the Macca was being called the fastest @ 231/241 mph; there were already a slew of other 200+ mph cars... but the Vector was the first street production car past 210 mph

as to what happened to them, Tommy Lasurta (megatech) happened... and a hostile takover ensued; and Vector was no longer the guys who made it... of the original team, only a stylist remained... one stylest.

shop was moved to Florida, and Megatech also recently bought Lamborghini... so lambo chassis+ engines were re bodied... the engine was mounted 180 degress different, and a getrag 5 speed was used...

that was quoted as being "the worst car in the world"
the W8 shared no components with the M12
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