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HoboPie you beat me to it regarding the Dauer Porsche...Racecar turned streetcar[962] vs Streetcar turned racecar[F1].......

On the Mclaren F1 vs Enzo note I agree the Enzo will beat a standard F1 on a cuircuit track set up with many turns..Enzo has tire, brake, and horsepower advantage over the F1. If you run them as is, the Enzo will win....Buuuut, add current tires, brakes to the LM and its bye bye Enzo..The LM would obliterate the Enzo in a straight line...The LM made 680hp and weights around 600lbs less and I vaguely remember it doing 0-124 in just over 8secs.....Enzo cant touch that...You guys forget that the LM made so much downforce that it would stick to the roof at 120mph...With that kinda stick and current tires nothing out now would beat it....

The reason I dubbed the LM the GOAT is because its the greatest streetcar ever made imho...The Dauer Porsche was a racer turned streeter so while it would obliterate an F1 its not really in the same catagory....
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