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Originally Posted by twboy1999
but f1 is not a great handling car... i am not suprise if it out handles by f40 or f50 in the handling department.. but seems like u dont think so

most of the article i have read about f1,, they said it had body role.. and handling was one of it weaker point

enzo vs regular f1 on the track.. enzo would win for sure
I said it would out handle an F50 and F40...I may not beat the Enzo but I dont think it would be killed by the Enzo...To say the Mclaren F1 was not a great handling car is absurd....The one we got in the states was not the "real" Mclaren F1....It had less power was heavier etc...Unfortunately, thats the one they did mosts of the tests on....The Ameritech legal version only trapped the 1/4 in 11.9 @ 125mph and pulled .87g.....The Euro F1 was the real deal....That one will beat any car out there now....Not to mention the F1 LM in my signature which would obliterate them all...In fact the only "production" streetcar in memory that could give the LM a run or maybe beat it is the Dauer Porsche....Those were incredible cars..
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