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Originally Posted by phatbimmer
Dealerships have alot of drama in them and alot of politics.

Like I said I can't believe your owner is banking and not willing to share with your employees. Mine is pretty decent about crap but as of lately the corporation has been on a slump because he's spending alot on building a new dealership for his Mercedes shop instead of upgrading our Toyota shop which makes the most out of all 4 that he owns.

Oh well
That sounds like our owner.

We bank over 5 million a year in profit and none of that goes into our dealership. hell we just got a PAX machine after offering them for 3 years we always had to take them over to the (Brand New) Honda store. and He's building a new Toyota store and thinking about a Lexus store. And here we are with not enough room on the lot for stock and service cars and a shop too small and old for it's own good. Shit you make more than I do eventhough I am only an Apprentice at this point still...
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