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I don't like this year model very much, it just reminds me of "fast and furious 2"hehehe. But seeing it clean, looks like a nice car! I don't know nothing about this model i it a good car?

And i see you have a nice little toy there waiting....i'm curious to see how it will turn out. But maybe it is too small, i know your hp goal isn't big, but the small turbine A/R could cause a back pressure problem, and that is deadly for the engine. It will have almost no lag, but you have a 2.4L(am i right?)...and that means a big air flow in high rpms. If the back pressure is too high, you will not gain any power at high rpms and you can have combustion problems, causing failures and broken parts...
Sometimes a bigger turbo is safer, and you can have more power with lower boost.

I found this K04 - 2275 turbo map on the net:

I believe this is a model close to yours, maybe a little bigger. And you can see that this turbos best efficiency is at 12~15 psi, with a gain of 110~160hp, and it's already spinning at 126K, wich is fast and will produce a lot of heat, so a intercooler is more than welcome.
Hey vexor, maybe you know all that, and i'm not a pro. Im just telling you the little i know, maybe will be helpful. I just want you to have a nice ride, no headache, and have fun!
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