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I was talking to a buddy online when I saw your msg. He knows his stuff, so I asked him and this was the response.

1. Install nero micro, burnaware pro, or alcohol 120%

2. tell it to burn the image
3. Also make sure the correct size media is being used and it's of decent quality
I've never had a problem burning any ISO/cd image/dvd image where the ISO file isn't corrupt, and i'm using a competent burning application. the integrity of the ISO/image can be checked by attempting to mount it with a virtual drive program like daemon tools, or using alcohol 120%. if it fires up, it's ok & can theoretically be burnt ok.
So to troubleshoot - if there's an error - check iso isn't corrupt, check media is of decent quality, check that the drive is functioning by trying to burn something else... if that fails, try a new aforementioned burning program.

Keep us posted if / when you get it sorted! Interested to know your solution as I have similar problems from time to time.
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