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Lisa Randall real brains, real science, sometimes fiction, but the real thing.

Alright next choice, the girl in the original Star Trek TV series who had the outfit with no back and not much else. You know, same old plot, Kirk was on a planet with an evil doctor, who wouldn't let him beam back to his ship, and he was trapped there with this absolutely beautiful girl we never ever saw again after this episode.

Her name is Sherry Jackson she isnt even in IMDB. The episode was "What are little girls made of" she played an android.

Summer or Conner's mom so many choices.


Charlton Heston's "woman" Linda Harrison on Planet of the Apes", I watched it yesterday.

Michelle Monaghan from Eagle Eye (sort of science fiction)

Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulian from Dune, I was never hot for Leia even as a captive concubine in a gold snake bikini.

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