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summer (makes me feel funny down there) Glau

she reminds me a lot of a very young sigourney weaver, except Summer actualy has a fantastic toned butt and long legs, sci fi got hot

Jewel Staite, I had an unfortunate thing happen to me the first time I saw her, I felt weird, she shares my wife's last name, and a few features, for a while I thought.... well you know... Jewell is an avid reader and actualy auditioned for many projects in the sci fi horror genre until being discovered and put on the cast of stargate atlantis

Leah Cairns, no I will not post the pictures of her from her star outings, (88 minutes, sunshine stuff, lick it good, slave lovers) leah has been naked in more smut and cinemax things than any of the women in Galactica, however, aside from having the body of a goddess, she is also a fantastic actress, in the role of racetrack for BSG she brought that inescrupulous bitch type and played it to perfection, we all wanted her to eat a bullet, one thing that concerned me was that they had this super hawt nerd in the show (she plays WoW and Guildwars) and they never had her get nekked or raped, if I was a cylon I'd raid that ass the moment I saw her

twin turbo, AWD, AWS, 6spd, drop dead gorgeous, what's not to like? mitsubishi should go back and make these again

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