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My name is 10,000 and I aprove of this thread

sub commander T pol (Jolene Blalock) was the saving grace of enterprise, unless you dream of Scott Bakula in his long johns

Lucy lawless, (xena, cylon model 3) I guess I wouldn't mind being dominted by mistress Lucy... her 6 foot tall of amazon woman physisque was the thing dreams were made of in the 90s

a bit unknown to me, until I watched battlestar galactica back in 2003, then I have made many a cylon projection (robot wet dreams) at night, she is diminutive, usualy requiring careful camera angles and standing on top of things to see eye to eye in the show, however, as you can see, she is the right size in the places that count

isn't it a sign that we live in the greatest time of all? think about it, the hot chic down the street is a bigger geek than you! she plays online MMORPG, has more skills than you at street fighter and after she is done beating you to a pulp at the screen, she can treat you to the craziest, wildest sex you ever had in your life... yes, Kristen Bell, that is she, a total knockout and a sci fi addict that owns all of the original star wars figures

you may say, no way, sienna miller? is she a sci fi geek? well my friend yes she is and a bad one, besides having been in various scifi projects, she jumped at the chance to be every boy's fantasy by filling out the role of the baronesse for the GI jOE movie, and she does fill that hot leather real nice

twin turbo, AWD, AWS, 6spd, drop dead gorgeous, what's not to like? mitsubishi should go back and make these again
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