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Dubai 05-09-2007 03:26 PM

Ducati M695? I might get it!
I'm not a biker "yet" but I fall'in love with the new Monster 695......

My wife rejects the idea of me riding a bike. But when she saw me on the Red 965, she said that I look good on it. So, thats somehow the Green light for me. lol :D :D

This Morning I went to Honda, Yamaha & BMW Bike showroom, none gave me the UMMF that the Ducati has.

You know what! I might go now (11:23pm) and have a look at it in the showroom. (Window Shopping) heheh I got that fever from my wife.

Do u think there is something better I should look at? let me know

Evo 05-09-2007 04:03 PM

Look at this..

Dubai 05-09-2007 04:49 PM

I know that the new Dubai Atom guy got his hands on one last Geneva Motorshow (By Oct 07)....

Dirty Hands,, DIrtY! :D :D :D

saadie 05-09-2007 06:17 PM

EVO if you get one of those you are sending me a complete race suit :| .. :mrgreen:

duabi: ... you should see the 1099 .. . the president of saudi motorsports association got a 1099 track version with a lap computer .. its bloody awsome ... sooo i recomend you look at it aswell :)

Evo 05-10-2007 04:06 AM

Saadie no did not get it because I don't want to send you a suit.. hehehehe

Hey I am going to Bahrain on the 17th for the 18th BMW Formual Race are you joining.. please say Yes please please..

Don't recomended any bikes for Dubai.. he can't drive a them at all.. He fliped more than onces on a 4 wheel bikes so this is worring me a bit. I saw stick with 4 wheels and give me the bike.. :twisted: :mrgreen:

saadie 05-10-2007 07:21 AM

damn :( ... you are cruel :cry: :lol:
btw I did make a quote for the race suit most of the stuff is puma :? and the bill is about $2600 . mhmm .. you dont deal in puma do you ? ..

no man im sorry im not comming for the last (7th race) i completed all the 5 races i had to do for Ci licence ... soo umm sorry ... i really do want to join in thou .. but dad isnt gonna go easy on me lol soo i'll pass :( :| :mrgreen:

you can still compete with me :P ... beat my time 1.10:354 :prr: :twisted:

Dubai 05-10-2007 05:31 PM

^^ 1.10:354,,,,, Bring it ON!

Here is my new Baby :D The Monster 695. I could not wait any longer, I called my friend Shahram, who owns CBR 110 RR Black Honda, looks cool, but way too heavy for me. I'm happy that my seat hight is okay, as I have short legs, and long arms (hummmm Monkey).

Just drop around in the parking area, waved couple of good byes, and swallowed couple of bugs on the way back.

I will be leaving to Malaysia tomorrow, so I will miss you Monster :(

saadie 05-10-2007 05:40 PM

monkey lol .... that you are :prr: ...

awsomeee ..look amazing ... those exposed chassis parts reminds alot of the atom 8)

inshallah you wont crash lol ;) ...

1:10:354 on FBMW :prr: .. btw are you racing with owais too ? ....

Evo 05-11-2007 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by saadie
monkey lol .... that you are :prr: ...

awsomeee ..look amazing ... those exposed chassis parts reminds alot of the atom 8)

inshallah you wont crash lol ;) ...

1:10:354 on FBMW :prr: .. btw are you racing with owais too ? ....

Nope he won't be racing FBMW... First race ever with FBMW so it would be fun... Will try my best to match or break your recored saadie, although it might be quite difficult as temp has increased a lot...

saadie 05-11-2007 05:52 AM

:? i thought you raced FBMW before .... anyway ...
in the course and in the practice of my first race, i was doing 1:15's .... but 20 mins later in the Quali i did 1:11.7 .. i was P3 :D ... out of nowhere! i scared myself :lol:

the average time for a rookie is around late 1:11s -1:13's .. so if you are in that bracket ... which im sure you will be .... it will take just a couple more races to whoop my best time :lol:

btw heres a little tip ..
learn to trust the car :) ...
andd ... see the blue dots in the pic below .... you have to be FLAT OUT on the blue doted areas ... the numbers are the gers used on the turns :)
hope this helps a bit

Evo 05-11-2007 06:27 AM

Thanks Saadie..

I took the race school for FBMW never raced in them..

I have raced on Bahrain circuit twice onces on the international circuit on the GP day with V8 Lumina's and onces on the paddock circuit with the radicals.

I have been on those sections of the track only 2 new corners for me to learn on and a completely new car but think I can manage..

Thanks again for the tips
:mrgreen: ..

saadie 05-11-2007 07:04 AM

no problem :) ...

dutchmasterflex 05-14-2007 09:48 AM

^ That is bad ass!

Shit, the more I look at it I feel like I really need it.

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