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8oost0ne 06-08-2004 05:41 PM

X Box
Does anyone know if there is an x box emulator for the PC? Just curious. Thanks

racer_f50 06-08-2004 07:18 PM

*google is your friend*

gigdy 06-08-2004 10:44 PM


*google is your friend*
youd think that was a witty remark but it wasnt. Its a rather useless emulator. all it can do is emulate halo. which is available for the pc. And im pretty sure theyre arent any xbox emulators out that can do anything useful.

8oost0ne 06-09-2004 03:36 AM

Thanks. I wasn't sure so I thought I would ask. If anyone knows if any of the emulators work for any system like ps2 or something would you let me know?

Thanks :D

gigdy 06-09-2004 04:14 AM

the newest they have is n64 and ps1.

TanveerKhan 04-16-2018 06:57 AM

Xbox Emulators
Xbox emulators are standard in gaming industry.


aadhaarcardinfo 05-03-2018 08:33 AM

i want to try all these thing

Aadhaar Card

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