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Iwan 04-21-2005 02:54 AM

TUNING: Alfa Romeo GTV (380 HP)
hi guys, here some details/pics from the fastest European 916 GTV.
This rocket belongs to a Croatian Alfanatic, unfortunately i'm not familiar
with this language, but sometimes pictures tell you more than words.....


- wheels BBS CH 8.5x19 & Continental Sport Contact 2V-max235/35 R19
- KW springs and shocks (all adjustable)
- front shocks inox housing
- poly and unibol joints
- SPR front brake disks 355 mm, rear 330(!) mm
- PTFE brake pipes and SPR aluminium oil container
- Ferrodo Racing DS 3000 brake pads
- Ferrodo Racing DOT 5.1 oil

Most of engine components are from one totaled 147 GTA
- 3.7 conversion (Mahle pistons and liners)
- 147 GTA camshaft
- forged aluminium pistons
- heads with larger in/out valves
- Colombo/Barriani cams
- air intake valve Ferrari 360 Modena
- SPR aluminium fly wheel
- BMC CDA air filter
- Shacal real twin exhaust with four 70 end pipes
- engine remap
- Quaiffe differential lock

- Xenon headlights
- Novitec frontlip
- Zender rear wing

- SPR seats with Momo H-belts
- full leather cockpit, console & interior
- GTV Cup roof cover and sides
- SPR gear knob
- Alpine F1 headunit
- Alpine PXA-H700 sound processor
- Audison VRX 6420 Limited amplifier
- Focal Utopia speakers
- TLR tweeters
- Audiom 6W mids
- 2x Focal Utopia 5W subs in doors and 27W back
- EMMA electric installation
- Dynamite and Brax sound dampening
- Optima Blue Top battery

engine is now producing arround 380 hp on flywheel and arround 350 hp on wheels
Acceleration 1-100 km/h: 5.2 sec
Max speed 276 km/h

tuffguy 04-21-2005 02:56 AM

car? what car? :mrgreen:

FPVPSI 04-21-2005 06:42 AM some nice reading to do...yes i read Croatian... 8)

stradale 04-21-2005 07:09 AM

Very tasteful mods! Great looking car (and the babe too of course. Or was that the other way around? :wink: ).

But, like Dani, I wonder how the hell you can get that power down to the tarmac... :? For blasting up and down the motorways it must be fun though.

maxbg 04-21-2005 08:40 AM

Very subtle modification. Hardly noticeable at all.

Well done. :!:

ARMAN 04-21-2005 05:14 PM

:shock: Zis is krejzi :faint:

Joel 04-22-2005 12:37 PM

Nice, those wheels really suit the car, same rim as on 360CS. And I have one exactly like that in GT4 :)

komotar 04-22-2005 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by FPVPSI some nice reading to do...yes i read Croatian... 8)

You're kidding me.... are you croatian?

I know alot of croatians that moved to Australia after the war.....

I also understand and speek croatian. Funny, almost all Slovenians as old as me or older understand and speak croatian, but I haven't met a croatian that speeks slovenian. Understand...maybe, speaks...never.

I'll take some time over the weekend and maybe translate a few things from the article.

hunt 01-18-2016 12:18 PM

I was looking for it, thanks for the post!

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