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ZfrkS62 03-27-2005 03:51 AM

BMW News (All news and spy shots here please)
ok, with all the talk about the upcoming BMW cars with reference to their designations, i realize it can get confusing to some people, so i thought i would put together the Designation and Engine code table. These are for US vehicles. Obviously Europe has alot more diesel powered vehicles and alot of other varieties. Plus, Europe has the E87 1 series, the US doesn't :P

a few quick clear ups before going on:

Model indicators:
i = fuel injected
A = Automatic
C = Coupe
c = convertible
s = sport package
M = Motorsport
P = Protection
t = touring
e = economy
d = diesel
x = All wheel drive
Engine Code break down:

M = standard production engines
S = Motorsport engines
N = New Generation engines

\/------------ Engine code
M54 B 30<--- Displacement in Liters
/\ -------- Fuel type B= Benzine (German for gasoline)
.................................. d = Diesel

TU = Technical Update

That said, let's continue :D

E12 530i/A 75-78 M30B30 6cyl.
E12 528i/A 79-81 M30B28 6cyl.

E21 320i/A 77-83 M10B20 4cyl.

E23 733i/A 78-84 M30B32 6cyl.
E23 735i/A 85-87 M30B34 6cyl.
E23 L7 86-87 M30B34 6cyl.

E24 630CSi/A 77 M30B30 6cyl.
E24 633CSi/A 78-84 M30B32 6cyl.
E24 635CSi/A 85-89 M30B34 6cyl.
E24 L6/A 87 M30B34 6cyl.
E24 M6 87-88 S38B35 6cyl.

E28 528e/A 82-88 M20B27 6cyl.
E28 533i/A 83-84 M30B32 6cyl.
E28 535i/A 85-88 M30B34 6cyl.
E28 524Td/A 85-86 M21d24 6cyl.
E28 M5 88 S38B35 6cyl.

E30 318i/A 84-85 M10B18 4cyl.
E30 318i/s/C 91-92 M42B18 4cyl.
E30 325e/s/A 85-88 M20B27 6cyl.
E30 325i/s/C/x/A 87-91 M20B25 6cyl.
E30 M3 88-91 S14B23 4cyl.

E31 840Ci/A 94-95 M60B40 8cyl.
E31 840Ci/A 96-97 M62B44 8cyl.
E31 850i/A 91-94 M70B50 12cyl.
E31 850Ci/A 95-97 M73B54 12cyl.
E31 850CSi 94-95 S70B56 12cyl.

E32 735i/iL/A 88-91 M30B35 6cyl.
E32 740i/iL/A 92-94 M60B40 8cyl.
E32 750iL/A 88-94 M70B50 12cyl.

E34 525i/A 89-90 M20B25 6cyl.
E34 525i/t/A 91-92 M50B25 6cyl.
E34 525i/t/A 93-95 M52TUB25 6cyl.
E34 530i/t/A 94-95 M60B30 8cyl.
E34 535i/A 89-93 M30B35 6cyl.
E34 540i/A 94-95 M60B40 8cyl.
E34 M5 91-93 S38B36 6cyl.

E36 318i/s/C/A 92-95 M42B18 4cyl.
E36 318i/s/C/A 96-98 M44B19 4cyl.
E36/5 318ti/A 95 M42B18 4cyl.
E36/5 318ti/A 96-99 M44B19 4cyl.
E36 323is/C/A 98-99 M52B25 6cyl.
E36 325i/A 92 M50B25 6cyl.
E36 325i/s/C/A 93-95 M50TUB25 6cyl.
E36 328i/s/C/A 96-99 M52B28 6cyl.
E36 M3/A 95 S52B30 6cyl.
E36 M3/4/C/A 96-99 S52B30 6cyl. (i think 4 is Sedan)

E36/7 Z3 1.9i/A 96-98 M44B19 4cyl.
E36/7 Z3 2.3i/A 99-00 M52TUB25 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 2.5i/A 01-03 M54B25 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 2.8i/A 97-98 M52B28 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 2.8i/A 99-00 M52TUB28 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 3.0i/A 01-03 M54B30 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 2.8i/C/A 99-00 M52TUB28 6cyl.
E36/7 Z3 3.0i/C/A 01-03 M54B30 6cyl.
E36/7 M Roadster 98-00 S52B32 6cyl.
E36/7 M Roadster 01-03 S54B32 6cyl.
E36/7 M Coupe 98-00 S52B32 6cyl.
E36/7 M Coupe 01-03 S54B32 6cyl.

E38 740i/iL/A 95 M60B40 8cyl.
E38 740i/iL/A 96-98 M62B44 8cyl.
E38 740i/iL/A/P 99-01 M62TUB44 8cyl.
E38 750iLA 95-98 M73B54 12cyl.
E38 750iLA/P 99-01 M73TUB 12cyl.

E39 525i/A 01-03 M54B25 6cyl.
E39 528i/A 97-98 M52B28 6cyl.
E39 528i/t/A 99-00 M52TUB 6cyl.
E39 530i/A 01-03 M54B30 6cyl.
E39 540i/A 97-99 M62B44 8cyl.
E39 540i/t/P/A 99-03 M62TUB44 8cyl.
E39 M5 00-03 S62B50 8cyl.

E46 323i/C/c/A 99-01 M52TUB25 6cyl.
E46 325i/C/c/X/A 01- M54B25 6cyl.
E46 328i/C/c/A 99-01 M52TUB28 6cyl.
E46 330i/C/c/X/A 01- M54B30 6cyl.
E46 M3/c 02- S54B32 6cyl.
E46 M3/c/SMG 03- S54B32 6cyl.

E52 Z8 01 S62B50 8cyl.

E53 X5 3.0i/A 01- M54B30 6cyl.
E53 X5 4.4i/A 00- M62TUB44 8cyl.
E53 X5 4.4i/A 02- N62B44 8ycl.
E53 X5 4.6iHP 02- N62B46 8cyl.
E53 X5 4.8is/A 03- N62B48 8cyl.

E60 525i/A 04-05 M54B25 6cyl.
E60 530i/A/SMG 04-05 M54B25 6cyl.
E60 545i/A/SMG 04-05 N62B44 8cyl.
E60 525i/A/SMG 06- N52B30 6cyl.
E60 530i/A/SMG 06- N52B30 6cyl.
E60 550i/A/SMG 06- N62B48TU 8cyl.
E60 M5 06- S85B50 10cyl

E61 525xit 06- N52B30 6cyl.
E61 530xit 06- N52B30 6cyl.
E61 550it 06- N62TUB48 8cyl.
(Fairly sure it's a 4.8L, but i have a nagging doubt that it's a 4.4)

E63 645Ci 04-05 N62B44 8cyl.
E63 650Ci 06- N62B48TU 8cyl.
E63 M6 07 S85B50 10cyl.

E64 645Cic 04-05 N62B44 8cyl
E64 650Cic 06- N62B48TU 8cyl

E65 745iA 02-05 N62B44 8cyl.
E65 750iA 06- N62B48TU 8cyl.
E65 760iA TBA* N73B60 12cyl.

E66 745LiA 02-05 N62B44 8cyl.
E66 750LiA 06- N62B48TU 8cyl.
E66 760LiA 03- N73B60 12cyl.

E67 745LiA/P 03-05 N62B44 8cyl.
E67 750LiA/P 06- N62B48TU 8cyl.
E67 760LiA/P 03- N73B44 12cy.

E70 X5 4.8i 07 N62B48o1 8cyl
E70 X5 3.0i 07 N52B30o1 6cyl

E83 X3 2.5i/A 04-06 M54B25 6cyl.
E83 X3 3.0i/A 04-06 M54B30 6cyl.
E83 X3 3.0si (LCI) 07 N52B30o1 6cyl

E85 Z4 2.5i/A/SMG 03-06 M54B25 6cyl.
E85 Z4 3.0i/A/SMG 03-06 M54B30 6cyl.
E85 M Roadster 07 S54B32 6cyl.
E85 Z4 3.0si (LCI) 07 N52B30o1 6cyl
E85 Z4 3.0i (LCI) 07 N52B30u1 6cyl

E86 Z4 Coupe 07 N52B30o1 6cyl
E86 M Coupe 07 S54B32 6cyl

E90 325i/A/SMG 06-07 N52B30 6cyl.
E90 330i/A/SMG 06-07 N52B30 6cyl.
E90 328i/A/x 07- N52B30o1 6cyl.
E90 328iA/x 07- N51B301? 6cyl.
E90 335i/A 07- N54B30o0 6cyl.

E91 325xit 06- 07 N52B30 6cyl
E91 330xit 06-07 N52B30 6cyl
E91 328xit 07- N52B30o1 6cyl

E92 328Ci/x 07- N52B30o1 6cyl
E92 335Ci 07- N54B30o0 6cyl

more explanations:
E36/5 = 3 door touring E46/16 = All Wheel Drive E46/3 (E39/3) = sport wagon E46/2 = coupe

That's the US list for now. I may adjust this to clear it up a bit more if anyone is confused by anything.

UPDATE (12-07-06)
With the 2007 MY, there has been a change in the engine designation. It finally makes sense!!

Keeping with the same format as before (N52B30) there has been some clarification and revision for what comes next. The TU designations have been dropped, and you may notice that the new suffix o1 or attention now as it will all be explained :D

the first change comes in the numbered designation. The first number is the Engine Type. 4= 4cyl, 5= 6cyl, 6= 8 cyl, 7= 12cyl and 8= 10 cyl.
the second number is the engine system: 0= baisic engine; 1= SULEV/PZEV; 2= Valvetronic; 3= Gas w/ Direct Injection; 4=Gas w/DI + Turbo; 5= Dual Vanos + Valvetronic; 7= Diesel injection + Turbo

the Letter in the middle is still fuel type but there are some new additions to the possibilites here. Along with B and D, we now have E= Electric, G= Natural Gas and H= Hydrogen

next numbers are engine displacement in tenths of a liter (no change here)

and next is the engine's output rating: T= Top rating, O= High Output, M= Medium Output, U= Low output, K=Lowest output and 0= New Development

the final number is the version of the engine, numbered 1-9.

bmwdakias 03-27-2005 08:51 AM

Nice infoi, i am going to save this and i am waiting for the upcoming posts.Thanks

Skyliner 03-27-2005 05:18 PM

P? I have never heard about that one.... What model could you buy this option?

Toronto 03-27-2005 05:40 PM

knew this b4, but a great post for people who would like to learn about it,
good work ZfrkS62

TT 03-27-2005 05:40 PM

LOL somebody got some spare time in his hands, but out of curiosity, are we talking about US models only? There seem to be a few missing after a quick glance.. one above all, my own E36 320i ;)

ZfrkS62 03-27-2005 06:04 PM

I've updated it and it is now complete. Fortunatley all your questions so far were answered :wink:

neilo63 03-29-2005 12:38 AM

Good to know and reference to :mrgreen:

ZfrkS62 03-29-2005 01:10 AM

now imagine having to memorize all that, plus Engine Management System versions that went to each one and all their features :wink: That made up one 3 week class :wink:

SilviaEvo 03-29-2005 01:58 AM

Z just couldnt take the fact that i posted it faster than he did last time :roll: :wink: :lol: :P

ZfrkS62 03-29-2005 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by SilviaEvo
Z just couldnt take the fact that i posted it faster than he did last time :roll: :wink: :lol: :P

hahaha maybe :D But i'm going to add a little more to this thread i think :wink:

ZfrkS62 03-30-2005 12:25 AM

Ok, i got a chance to flip through the training book on the new engine technology class and scoped out the N52B30 that will be in the E90 330i, and all i can say is WOW :shock: Here's what i can remember:
  • Magnesium block and aluminum bolts shave 22lbs off the engine[/list[listValvetronic control is now integrated into the DME instead of having a seperate control unit as on the N62 and N73
  • The operation of the Valvetronic system has been simplified for the N52
  • Torque curve is nearly flat with peak torque coming in at 2500 RPM and holding until 4500 RPM, the HP curve is a steady shot straight upwards with peak HP coming in at 6800 RPM Redline is 7500
  • a new electric water pump is being used instead of the mechanical pump to reduce drag on the engine on deceleration
  • The oil pump is now a vane style, variable output pump designed to supply only the needed oil pressure to the engine at any given time. It's design is similar to that of a power steering pump
  • Aluminum bolts are marked and must be replaced if removed, bolts also must be torqued in a 2 step operation
  • As with the other two New Generation engines, the throttle body is used only for emergency fail safe modes, startup, and to produce the 30millibar of vacuum required to operate the fuel tank venting system. Vacuum for the brake booster is produced by a mechanically driven vacuum pump.

4-6: New cool stuff i read today:

The cylinder head and oil pan are seperated from the block by non conductive gaskets that protrude from engine to prevent dirt and water from bridging the magnesium block and aluminum head/oil pan and creating a conductive path.

the lower front timing cover is molded to the block (which sucks because that eliminates the possibility for a few hours when the car goes out of warranty since there will never be an oil leak from there :x ) and the timing chain assembley (cam sprockets chain and crank sprocket) is all one peice. I didn't see a picture of it but apparently the crank sprocket isn't even keyed to the crank :shock:

ZfrkS62 04-06-2005 08:08 PM

"When you set the bar, you feel obliged to raise it every now and then" -Transition page on the E90 microsite

"We began building a car, and ended up building a dynasty" -3 series heritage transition page

BMW M6 Convertible:

Posted Date: 4/6/05

Close on the heels of the Geneva show world introduction of the M6 (AW, March 14), BMW engineers are already well into testing of a drop-top version of the performance coupe. Powered by a 5.0-liter 507-hp V10, the M6 convertible, shown here with body-colored camouflage panels on front and rear valances, should still be capable of 0-to-60-mph runs in less than five seconds, despite the added weight of a convertible top apparatus in place of the M6 coupe’s carbon fiber roof.

Seven-speed sequential manual transmission, speed-sensing variable locking differential, M-tuned two-mode steering, and modified stability control allowing more power oversteer complete the mechanical package. The M6 coupe goes on sale in the United States in mid-2006, most likely as an ’07 model, followed by the M6 convertible.

[img=][/img] [img=][/img]

I am currently searching for info on the X5 Coupe that is going to be ready for 2008. But so far nothing :?

How about 7 series facelift info? :D you will have to register to read the article

An Ever-So-Subtle Nip and a Tuck for the 7 Series

2006 BMW 7-Series

Published: April 1, 2005

Introduced on Wednesday: 2006 BMW 7 Series

What's the point? In spite of its controversial body design and tall Bangle-butt rear end, named for Chris Bangle, BMW's design chief, the 7 Series is the best-selling flagship in the company's history. This facelifted 7 Series does mess with a winner, with design, engine, and interior tweaks throughout, and serves to calm down the styling a bit.

Is it real? It's as real as can be, and BMW aims to sell even more of them than the previous best-seller.

The company line: BMW of North America's Tom Purves told the assembled journalists that one of the 7 Series' many improvements is a revised (again) iDrive system, the controversial, troublesome one-knob controller than works in conjunction with the video screen to control dozens of electronic, climate, navigation and entertainment functions. Good.

The view from here: There are only a few sedans in the world that we would put in the Whispering Hammer class, and the 7-Series is certainly one of them: fast, agile and comfortable as your own easy chair. We don't think the revisions to the rear bodywork, spoiler and lamps go far enough, but then, you can't see the butt end from the driver's seat.

What makes it tick? Four different models will be offered, as before. The starter models are the 750i and long-wheelbase 750Li with a larger, more powerful 4.8-liter V-8 engine making 360 horsepower, coupled to a 6-speed automatic. The senior versions will be the 5.0-liter V-12-powered 760i and long-wheelbase 760Li, using a 438-horsepower V-12 engine.

How much? How soon? The facelifted 7 Series will be in showrooms in May. The 750i will be priced at $71,195, the 750Li at $75,195, the 760i at $110,695, and the 760Li at $118,095.

styla21 04-06-2005 09:33 PM

Awesome info agan Zfrk! I love it. The 3 series seems to have a pretty neat mechanical package. As somebody who works with the internals, do these new "improvements" make your life more difficult, or does it simplify what mechanics will need to do to the cars. I would assume servicing for e.g. is becoming more electonical, thus less time spent manually fixing things?

ZfrkS62 04-06-2005 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by styla21
Awesome info agan Zfrk! I love it. The 3 series seems to have a pretty neat mechanical package. As somebody who works with the internals, do these new "improvements" make your life more difficult, or does it simplify what mechanics will need to do to the cars. I would assume servicing for e.g. is becoming more electonical, thus less time spent manually fixing things?

So far the New Generation engines have been fairly bullet proof mechanically. Most of the problems have all been software problems, but usually if there is a mechanical issue, BMW knows about it and has a bullitein out on it before we ever come across it.

I took apart the N62 in school and haven't had to remove the valve covers in the field yet. Doing it in school wasn't that bad. I'll know how hard or easy it is when i go to the class (whenever that may be). But from what i hear, it's pretty simple.

ZfrkS62 04-12-2005 10:19 PM

Speculations about the E90 M3 have been zipping around in some circles about the possibilty of the M3 going after the C6 Z06.

It is being rumored, though no way to confirm it at this point, that the reported power output of 400HP is too low, and that it is closer to 475HP, with a possibilty of the displacement being closer to 4.5Liters, bringing the bhp/L a little higher than 100. With the E90 bing lighter than the E46, this should be a great omen for the power/weight ratio of the M3.

What is interesting about this is that the M Roadster will be recieving the same V8, though more than likely detuned slightly as the E36/7 M Roadster put out a mere [email protected] comapred to the M3's [email protected] However, the E85 M Roadster will have a better power/weight ratio to compensate. Though it is not going to come close to the E60 M5, it should comfortably carve it's niche not too far below. :twisted:

wether or not the M3 will be 32HP weaker than the M5, it will still be a potent machine and a force to be reckoned with. But should this rumor come out to be true...RC is going to be sweating bullets when he checks his rearview :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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