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peruccy 10-14-2014 07:30 AM

Skyline R33 GTST
Here it is, my new daily driver: Skyline R33 GTST S1 2.5T '93 with 120000km on the clock. Phase 1 tuning with 320hp and a few other goodies.

One pic for starters, because I just got home from a two day trip. Car is from Germany, near the border with France (~1000km in one way).

To be continued...

peruccy 10-16-2014 03:19 PM

Current plans for the car:
- Preventive replacement of conrod and main bearings + major service
- Cleaned out engine bay
- GTR look
- Coilovers (Tein or D2)
- 19" rims

Forgot to mention, that the car has central locking, a/c and electric windows + mirrors. And the best part of it is... it all WORKS! After so many years - you just gotta love the Japs :wink3: Oh, and it also has an alarm fitted. And front strut bar. HICAS which also works. Bilstein suspension. The previous owner has also given me blitz blow off, blitz electronic boost controller and greddy turbo timer. And a set of 18" rims. All in all, quite a few additional trinkets...

18" rims left in the picture:

Today I've put it on a ramp for the first time to see whatswhat. There is no rust. Not even on the chassis. Oil sump is dry as pepper. That is very important. It has a few things to sort out, like a cracked steering boot, worn rear brake discs, fmic not mounted properly exc. But what gets my blood boiling, an engine bay which looks ugly like a pig. It doesn't take much, to make an engine bay look clean and nice. Don't know why the previous owner hasn't done anything about that...

Gtr look will look nice with this fmic

Engine bay will get a clean look, and all the hoses replaced with black silicone ones - even for the fmic

As for the interior... I need to repaint the driver side window operating switch, because the plastic has become squiggly - common problem with alfa's actually :wink3: I will also buy a gtr central console for three gauges, because current ones don't look nice. And I'll have to replace the shift knob and boot also

But apart from that, the car looks very solid for it's age...

Next update when first parts arrive :smile:

peruccy 10-19-2014 02:12 PM

Today I've fitted those 18" that I've got with the car. Personally I think they look better than those Porsche 17". Those will go on the 166, when I get an adapter

In any case, Alfa has a bigger one (5" vs. 4.5") :wink3:


peruccy 11-08-2014 06:25 AM

Parts are slowly arriving, so it's time I put some pics on here...


Because interior is a bit sad/left out, I've decided I will treat Sky with some nice items. First one is a Nismo shift knob

Previous owner has had three gauges mounted in the dash, but it looks terrible. So I've ordered an alloy gauge holder which fits R33 perfectly. It will be painted mat black, once I receive the lower part and center part of the dash from a GTR

Gear stick and handbrake gaiters were tattered. Leather replacements

I'm missing a passenger's floor mat. OEM used ones are too expensive, so I got an aftermarket set

ARP conrod bolt set has arrived. I'm still waiting on ARP main bolt set. I've also got a magnetic oil drain plug

ACL trimetal race bearings

Blitz turbo timer and Blitz electronic boost controller

Blitz Super BOV

Parts for the alternator and starter rebuild. I'm still waiting on a voltage regulator for the alternator, and starter motor solenoid. Then I will have all the parts for the rebuild. Reason for doing this is, there's a 95% chance they are still original parts, and after 21 years, it would be nice to rebuild them. I also got a gasket for the Nismo oil pump, which I am still waiting for...

Silicone radiator hose set. I still need to order a breather set, and replace blue FMIC coupling hoses with black ones

Piece de resistance is Bee-R rev limiter :smile: In plain English, it's a bang-bang flamethrower - because I'm 5 years old :wink3:

To be continued...

peruccy 11-13-2014 06:04 PM

Some new parts...

Because my current pedals are side mounted for drifting, and because they are insanely wide - I can press two pedals with my size 12 foot with ease, I have decided to change them. I went for Sparco of course. I wanted something that looks "normal" and is slim as possible

I have also got a translator for my fuse box. Japanese is not my strong suit :smile:

For lower system pressure I have got a Nismo radiator cap

Previous owner has removed A/C, so the car would be faster. If a car has A/C, I want it to work. So I had to buy a pulley for it. Of course it is only OEM, and I got a quote at my local Nissan dealership for 275$. I got it from the States for 65$ :smile:

I have also received a GTR lower dashboard trim and a few other bits. Dashboard trim is painted, so it doesn't get sticky like on my car. All the parts will be painted in matte black of course

And ARP main bolt kit, which was quite pricey...

To be continued,

peruccy 11-25-2014 06:40 PM

Some new parts have arrived...

Rear diff seal

Rear hub bolt, because one has damaged threads

Starter motor pinion & alternator brush set

A few more silicone hoses

Lightweight alloy pulley set

Braided stainless steel fuel hose + clamps + adapters for an universal 30 micron fuel filter (at home)

Nismo GTR oil pump

Nismo oil filler cap + two crankshaft plates

Top end gasket set

to be continued...

peruccy 11-29-2014 06:35 PM

Adapter for MAF for universal air filter

OEM cam belt

Nismo GTR water pump

OEM tensioners + spring + seals

OEM gear + bolt for harmonic balancer

Now most of the parts have arrived. I am only waiting for thermostat to arrive from Japan, and two gauges. Liquids, spark plugs and filter I will get in our store. Then I will only need a wideband oxygen sensor, stainless steel exhaust manifold, 3" decat downpipe and fuel pump, and that's it for tuning parts for this year. Then next year I will get coilovers & wheels and then bankruptcy :smile:


peruccy 12-02-2014 03:18 PM

Digital gauges for boost & oil temperature


peruccy 12-06-2014 08:27 AM

I have finally received Nismo thermostat from Japan. It opens 10C sooner than stock

I have also received the final parts for the interior... cover under the windscreen, because my current one has a broken clip and is lifted

And surround for the gear lever. This one goes with the upper cover I bought before. It is also only painted in matte black, so there will be no more rubber-ish plastic feel

Clips for the cover under the windscreen + seal for the prop shaft + gasket for the brake booster

I have also found that you can order a set of gaskets for the power steering pump. I had to have it, because I can see some oil around the housing


johnnny 12-08-2014 03:37 PM

So the creation of the monster is beginning? :) Nice car! How tricky do you find it to drive with a steering wheel on the wrong side?

peruccy 12-08-2014 05:18 PM

I wouldn't say monster... 400rwkw is the goal. And yes, it has begun. Just a few items on my list this year, and a few more for the next year. Then I start saving money for some properly expensive mods :smile:

Not at all difficult. The thing I found the most annoying compared to LHD, was the indicator stalk. It has it on the right side of the steering wheel. That was a bugger to getting used to :smile: RHD steering wheel and shifting with the left I got used to in a few km's of driving...

peruccy 12-19-2014 05:29 PM

X-mas came early :smile:

Second hand Blitz turbo timer will be replaced by a new HKS one

Seal under the plastic cover under the windscreen


Shaggy 12-19-2014 06:58 PM

This is cool.

peruccy 01-01-2015 12:55 PM


Some new parts...
Nismo emblem for the front and back

Silicone turbo inlet pipe

Oxygen sensor


peruccy 01-05-2015 02:26 PM

Last package of silicone hoses... now every hose around the engine will be 4ply silicone


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