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vexor 01-14-2009 02:42 PM

5th Gear - S15 EP3 - 19th January, 2009 - Discussion

It is a laugh a minute for Vicki this week as she spends some time with comedian Bill Bailey. The funny man needs to get to his West End gig, so Vicki offers to drive him there in a Mercedes. However, this is no ordinary fuel guzzler – the old Merc has been converted to run on nothing but chip fat. As the pair wend their way through the streets of London, their journey is punctuated by stops at several greasy spoons for refuelling. Along the way, Bill and Vicki share a joke or two – and Bill becomes convinced that this mode of transport is the way of the future.

Elsewhere, Tom hops into the driver’s seat of Kia’s new offering, the Soul. Despite being slotted into the hatchback market, the Soul has been styled as a mini off-road vehicle to attract a buyer who is after a little more street cred. Will its edgy appearance and compact size be enough to lure Tom into the hatchback camp?

With the promise of summer looming, Jonny takes the top down on budget convertibles. Armed with just £5,000, which cabriolets will make his list? Tim is also on a mission to prove that money need not be an obstacle when it comes to credit-crunch motoring. He hits the car yards to find out whether he can negotiate a refund on a brand new Mini.

In a classic Fifth Gear shootout, Jason Plato pits two new diesel coupes against each other. Coupes traditionally have petrol engines, but Audi and BMW are shunning convention with their latest offerings. Jason wants to find out whether the Audi TT TDI or the BMW 123d is the quickest, so he takes to the track. Which of these diesel-powered beasts will win the race?

Finally this week, Tiff is the envy of his fellow presenters as he is given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the brand-spanking-new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. This powerful coupe boasts an enhanced four-wheel-drive system and superior suspension. An ice track in Italy provides the perfect location for Tiff to see just how well this supercar hugs the road.

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