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HeilSvenska 03-13-2009 12:06 AM

Women of Science Fiction
Let's face it. Science fiction has long been the domain of men, even if there is increasing number of female scifi fans out there. So it really can't be helped that scifi movies and shows usually have shamelessly sexy characters to rouse interest. I call for a tribute to these women. Beautiful and powerful. Let the dorkism beginulate!

For the sake of internet control, let's make this PG. PG-13 at the worst. ;-)

I'll start off. With the one who started it all. The one and only...

Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.

SHIZL 03-13-2009 12:23 AM
she was quite the stir in the science fiction world in her time

10000rpmlover 03-13-2009 12:31 AM

My name is 10,000 and I aprove of this thread
sub commander T pol (Jolene Blalock) was the saving grace of enterprise, unless you dream of Scott Bakula in his long johns
Lucy lawless, (xena, cylon model 3) I guess I wouldn't mind being dominted by mistress Lucy... her 6 foot tall of amazon woman physisque was the thing dreams were made of in the 90s

a bit unknown to me, until I watched battlestar galactica back in 2003, then I have made many a cylon projection (robot wet dreams) at night, she is diminutive, usualy requiring careful camera angles and standing on top of things to see eye to eye in the show, however, as you can see, she is the right size in the places that count
isn't it a sign that we live in the greatest time of all? think about it, the hot chic down the street is a bigger geek than you! she plays online MMORPG, has more skills than you at street fighter and after she is done beating you to a pulp at the screen, she can treat you to the craziest, wildest sex you ever had in your life... yes, Kristen Bell, that is she, a total knockout and a sci fi addict that owns all of the original star wars figures

you may say, no way, sienna miller? is she a sci fi geek? well my friend yes she is and a bad one, besides having been in various scifi projects, she jumped at the chance to be every boy's fantasy by filling out the role of the baronesse for the GI jOE movie, and she does fill that hot leather real nice

nthfinity 03-13-2009 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by HeilSvenska (Post 864650)
We had one a looooooong time ago. I think? Why not? We should totally make a thread.

I don't recall; and I definitely approve!
The short-lived TV series brought to life by James Cameron... and had me fixated on the Boob-Toob at this up-and coming babe... Jessica Alba is hot!

HeilSvenska 03-13-2009 01:38 AM

Resistance is futile with Seven of Nine.

I don't know why, but Megan Fox with glasses are hawt.


Originally Posted by SHIZL (Post 864655)
she was quite the stir in the science fiction world in her time

Ahhh yes... The Orion girls. Rachel Nichols is going to be one in the new Star Trek film. And she's going to be in GI Joe. She'll force me to watch it. She and Sienna Miller... and Karolina Kurkova... and SAAB Aero-X

fireguy 03-13-2009 05:27 PM

Luciana Carro aka Kat from Battlestar Galactica....

marcefer 03-13-2009 08:36 PM

No one a fan of Lara Croft???:?:

HeilSvenska 03-13-2009 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by marcefer (Post 864702)
No one a fan of Lara Croft???:?:

Which one? There's been so many character models for Lara Croft.
Whatever. I pick Rhona Mitra.

10000rpmlover 03-14-2009 01:24 AM

every time I see Milla Jovovich's eyes I can faintly hear the song "I touch myself - DyVyNyls"

HeilSvenska 03-14-2009 02:36 AM

I am a fool. How can I forget about Summer Glau? Wasn't she the original point of this thread?
Honestly, she looked like a little girl on Firefly/Serenity. On Terminator, she just looks hot.

10000rpmlover 03-14-2009 07:13 PM

summer (makes me feel funny down there) Glau


she reminds me a lot of a very young sigourney weaver, except Summer actualy has a fantastic toned butt and long legs, sci fi got hot

Jewel Staite, I had an unfortunate thing happen to me the first time I saw her, I felt weird, she shares my wife's last name, and a few features, for a while I thought.... well you know... Jewell is an avid reader and actualy auditioned for many projects in the sci fi horror genre until being discovered and put on the cast of stargate atlantis

Leah Cairns, no I will not post the pictures of her from her star outings, (88 minutes, sunshine stuff, lick it good, slave lovers) leah has been naked in more smut and cinemax things than any of the women in Galactica, however, aside from having the body of a goddess, she is also a fantastic actress, in the role of racetrack for BSG she brought that inescrupulous bitch type and played it to perfection, we all wanted her to eat a bullet, one thing that concerned me was that they had this super hawt nerd in the show (she plays WoW and Guildwars) and they never had her get nekked or raped, if I was a cylon I'd raid that ass the moment I saw her

philip 03-15-2009 01:10 AM

Lisa Randall real brains, real science, sometimes fiction, but the real thing.

Alright next choice, the girl in the original Star Trek TV series who had the outfit with no back and not much else. You know, same old plot, Kirk was on a planet with an evil doctor, who wouldn't let him beam back to his ship, and he was trapped there with this absolutely beautiful girl we never ever saw again after this episode.
Her name is Sherry Jackson she isnt even in IMDB. The episode was "What are little girls made of" she played an android.

Summer or Conner's mom so many choices.

Charlton Heston's "woman" Linda Harrison on Planet of the Apes", I watched it yesterday.

Michelle Monaghan from Eagle Eye (sort of science fiction)
Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulian from Dune, I was never hot for Leia even as a captive concubine in a gold snake bikini.

MidEngine4Life 03-16-2009 06:08 AM

I wish I knew her name

MidEngine4Life 03-16-2009 07:08 PM

Sweet yea that actually rings a bell now

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